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On-Call Emergency Assistance
Are you experiencing sound, lighting, video, or computer equipment issues? Nightclub Support is available on call 24-hours a day 7-days a week for emergency assistance. We maintain a large line of available equipment to help provide an instant solution to almost any situation at anytime. Let our 20+ years of experience and expertise coupled with our on demand support solutions come to the rescue.

Preventative Maintenance Plans
The absolute best way to protect your total investment and to avoid sound, lighting, video, and computer emergencies is to have an established preventative maintenance plan. By properly monitoring and professionally maintaining your equipment; you can greatly reduce, or even in some cases, completely avoid costly emergency repairs or replacement costs. Nightclub Support can customize a daily, weekly, or monthly routine schedule to help keep all of your equipment operating under optimal conditions.

Guaranteed Equipment Repair
All electronic equipment will eventually fail and need to be repaired or possibly replaced at some point. More times than not, the cost of repairing most equipment is substantially less than the total replacement cost. Starting with a complete diagnostic check, Nightclub Support troubleshoots failed equipment to determine if a repair is possible or if a replacement may be necessary. By calculating the quality, age, overall condition, repair cost, and replacement cost of failed equipment; Nightclub Support will offer to you the best and most affordable solution to get you back up and running as quick as possible.

Sound, Lighting, Video, & Computer Installation
From simple single unit installations to complex entire sound, lighting, video, and computer installations; Nightclub Support is capable of handling any job of any size or scale. We offer complete installation services that include customized design, product recommendation and research, purchasing options and financing, professional installation, and much more. No matter your budget, you can trust that Nightclub Support has the knowledge and experience to complete your installation project using economical methods while maintaining high quality standards.

Experienced Consultation
Whether your thinking of the perfect conceptual idea, developing a structured plan, constructing a new venue, or currently operating an establishment; experienced consultation from Nightclub Support can offer rewarding benefits. Our 20+ years of experience and expertise can be combined with your goals to formulate a beneficial outcome that will continually return its value over time. Having the proper insight can often open the doors to unforeseen issues while expanding the possibilities and offering a better understanding to the potential results for your total efforts. Scheduling an initial consultation is easy to do and can be as brief as you're comfortable with or feel is deemed necessary to start a beneficial relationship with Nightclub Support.


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